It’s a nonprofit organization where service only is the objects

In the name of the creator,

No one is perfect. Nothing is absolute in this world except the Almighty. But human beings always desire to increase their happiness and decrease suffering from their life. This will happen only when we submit our wills to the Almighty & direct our lives with the rules of the creator because the creator knows better how to operate a device. He says love & respects each others and come on a single platform. Every human beings are one individual GEM but if we keep ourself isolated it will become valueless. On the other hand more than one persons with their collective efforts may give rise to something miracle. When energy of different agents or groups are synchronized, we shall definitely find something great and beautiful. This is at the root of our endeavor.

We are selective in choosing the potential energy from the better ones of the best and this will make our every faculty fruitful for the masses and target groups irrespective of time and space. Hence it is a multipurpose multifaceted association for the masses.

Another way AMMA is a popular word used to mean “ MAA & Mother” around the world. The way Mothers are keep to up bring their offspring’s guide them in getting more & more knowledge and to protect them from all sorts of hazards to their best. The faculties we have shall serve the same purpose.




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